One story about the truly gigantic "Riesengrab" goes like this:

A long, long time ago there lived in this area a giant and his wife. The giant caused his neighbours a lot of trouble by taking away their animals and trampling on their crops and so on. This annoyed the people and they decided to take their revenge out on him and bury the giant alive. They set up look-out posts, who, as soon as they found the giant asleep, would come and tell the neighbours. They found him... and the people arrived carrying pick-axes, spades and shovels. After they had dug a hole in the earth next to the sleeping giant, they rolled him into it and covered him with soil. The next morning the giant's wife went looking for him. Finally she found out that her husband had been buried and where the grave was located. She went and filled her apron with stones, and poured these around the grave. The wife mourned and the people rejoiced. Both would not last long, however, because the same day the giant, for whom the grave had simply been a nice warm bed, got up again and continued his normal life, and now he was even worse than before. The people realised that they had to get rid of the giant if they ever wanted to live in peace and quiet. Once again they found the giant asleep in the same spot. Immediately they set out to bury him alive again. This time they made a deep hole for him, so that the giant would have more earth on top of him and would not get out so easily. When the grave was ready, they took some of the stones which the giant's wife had carried to the site, and rolled them onto his head. These stones were too heavy for him, and he has had to lie there forever. Since that time no more giants have been seen here. The giant's wife, too, left the area shortly afterwards. (translated by Ymke Mulder)